Turf Rollers play American oldtime music. The music is played with great respect for its Appalachian roots but its high energy and slightly modern arrangements make it a great band for an audience that are not familiar with traditional oldtime music.

The repertoire mostly consists of traditional songs and dance-tunes. Depending on venue and context the set and performance is often tweaked to fit.

The are 6 members of the Turf Rollers.

Tobias Enevoldsen: Fiddle, Vocals
Lasse Hoei: Hamonica, Vocals
Mathias Enevoldsen: Bass Fiddle
Peter Lorichs: Banjo, Jaw Harp, Vocals
Jonas Jirhamn: Guitar, Fiddle, Vocals
Lars Hansen: Guitar


We really suck at updating a schedule of our upcoming concerts. Please follow our facebook page to receive news on future concerts/events.

Some of our previous gigs involves several gigs abroad:

Wonky Donk Festival 2014 (UK) (Festival Review)

Orwell Oldtime and Bluegrass Festival 2016 (UK) (youtube clip)

Gainsborough Festival 2018 (UK) (facebook video)

Nääsville Bluegrass Festival 2013 & 2017 (SE) (youtube clip (2017))

… and more than 50 concerts in pubs, bars, libraries, backyards and anywhere they’ll want us. We also do square dance gigs …. and pet funerals.

Band Pictures and various logos for any purpose are available here: pics+logos (.zip)

Below are some videos for your pleasure:

More can be found at our youtube channel

We put out our first CD in 2017. It is sold through Gateway Music, a Danish distributer helping independent musicians release music themselves.

1 out 3 seem to enjoy it: rootszone.dk review (in danish)

The price is set to 100 Danish Kroner (approx. 15 US Dollars depending on exchange rate)

It is also available digitally at most popular online music services

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Lars Hansen

aka. NNNY (No Nick Name Yet)


Lars is the newest member of the Turf Rollers. His arrival has meant that Jonas will be demoted to fiddle player. Besides being the newest member, Lars is also the shortest, youngest and a serious threat to the title of most-cap wearing

Lars play more instruments than the rest of the band combined – why he’s been stuck with the guitar is still up for debate!

Jonas Frank Jirhamn

aka. Big Boy, 7 inch Frank, Mandatory Band Swede

Guitar, vocal

After several years the Turf Rollers finally got a real musician in the band. Apart from being a musician he also stands apart from the other Rollers by being from Sweden, being the most sober and the least perverted.

Why he would wan’t to take the trip all the way to Copenhagen no one really knows. Maybe it is because he is bribed to do so on a regular basis. But wether he is a mercenary with a guitar og just a friendly fellow, if he thinks that the Turf Rollers are a profitble band to join, well then his brain is as small as his body is big.

Lasse Hoei

aka. Lassie, Bang Laschie

harmonica, vocals

Lasse is the bands most valued asset with his great blowing and sucking talents. He is a kind and gentle soul but he likes to tell jokes during rehersal sessions and on stage that disgusts even the other band members.

Despite his seemingly friendly character Lasse sometimes talks about something that is called music theory and harmony.
Why? whats up with 1, 4, 5, 7 ? Just count: one, two, three, four!

Mathias Enevoldsen

aka. Ma Tight Ass, Krudtmaas

Bass fiddle

Besides laying down the low part of the music in Turf Rollers, Mathias also provides new lows when it comes to brutal honesty and rudeness. His personal motto is: “I ain’t here to make friends”.

There are few double bass players out there and he could play with many other (and better) bands if he wanted to but Turf Rollers is the only bunch of assholes that fits such a douchebag.

Peter Lorichs

aka. Mono Pete, Animal

Banjo, jaw harp, vocal

This guy is deaf on one ear which partly explains his annoying instrument and loud playing/singing. Peter has spend most of his life playing with different bands that all sucked so it is obvious that Turf Rollers is the highlight of his career.

After a mental breakdown he is reaching for new spiritual heights by doing yoga. But this banyogi is mostly resembling an ostrich burying its walnut brain in the soil and holding its ass up high.

Tobias Enevoldsen

aka. Toby Dick, Tåbias, Band Mother

fiddle, vocals, pen & pencil

Tobias has a great fondness for old screechy fiddlers, but all the bad intonation and horrible tone in his playing are not based on some traditional folk music aesthetics but a result of Tobias’ pride of sounding dreadful.

He has a tendency to bombard people with scrachy old recordings and he is quite talented at playing like someone that should never have been handed a fiddle.


Stay tuned – we won’t

We’ll play pretty much anything. Just let us know, and we’ll try to make it work. For booking contact our manager:

Or send us an e-mail at turfrollers@gmail.com